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Dante ColoAlert Next-Generation Colorectal Cancer Screening Test

Dante ColoAlert Next-Generation Colorectal Cancer Screening Test

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ColoAlert is a safe, non-invasive CE-IVD marked test developed to detect the presence of Colon cancer in any stage with an easy-to-use and completely non-invasive collection kit.

Colorectal cancer can be cured if detected early. One of the main reasons for the large number of late diagnoses is the mostly symptom-free development of colorectal cancer. Symptoms are rare in early stages, which is why patients often do not see a doctor until the disease has already progressed

  • Detects 85% of colorectal cancer cases and often in very early stages of the disease.1
  • Checks bleeding and non-bleeding tumors through tumor DNA.
  • Non-invasive: sample is collected at-home in 5 minutes.
  • Better early detection than fecal occult blood tests.1, 2
  • Up to 60% fewer missed cases compared to fecal immunochemical test (FIT).1, 2
  • Safe, non-invasive colorectal cancer screening.
1) Dollinger MM et al. (2018), ClinLab 64(10), 1719-1730.
2) Gies et al. (2018). Gastroenterology 154(1), 93-104. 3) Cooper GS et al. (2018). Dig Dis Sci. 63(6), 1449-1453.



Advanced Analysis

Thanks to DNA analysis this test recognizes human DNA and cancer DNA, so Dante's laboratories can check the cancer presence thanks to the stool analysis.


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Non-Invasive Sample Collection

Stool sample taken at home in only 5 minutes

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