Why get the Dante MyGenome Test

Our Whole Genome Sequencing tests provide you with comprehensive, actionable insights for the following areas.

  • A Gift for Life

    Understanding your genetic susceptibility to certain medical conditions, and how to lower your level of risk through healthy lifestyle choices, can help prevent diseases from manifesting later in life.

    Make a Gift 
  • Rare Diseases

    Find out the best tool to help Rare Disease Patients find answers. Discover the new approach in genomics for rare diseases and undiagnosed genetic diseases.

    Rare Diseases 
  • Your Baby

    Our non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) uses a small blood sample to make an accurate diagnosis of chromosomal conditions in your baby’s DNA. A reliable and safe genome analysis for expectant mothers.

  • Family Planning

    This report is designed for those who are thinking of starting a family or are pregnant. Find out if you and your partner carry inherited conditions that may be passed on to your unborn child.

    Start Planning 
  • Our Whole Genome Test

    Your full DNA

  • Traditional Genetic Panels

    Targeted analysis only

  • $99 Genetic Tests

    Only few SNPs of your DNA

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