The most comprehensive DNA Test for Epilepsy

Whole Genome Sequencing offers the highest likelihood of finding a diagnosis for Epilepsy. We are dedicated to improving the path to diagnosis

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Whole Genome Sequencing for Epilepsy

Whole-Genome Sequencing (WGS) for Epilepsy can lead to a diagnosis in days, helping people avoid months or years of inconclusive tests. WGS is the most comprehensive test for detecting multiple variant types in a single assay. Dante Labs' innovations make WGS more accessible, with shorter, automation-friendly library prep and powerful interpretation tools.

The Best Tool to find answers

Whole Genome Sequencing offers a promising tool for Epilepsy management. Comprehensive analysis of variations, including simple nucleotide variants (SNVs), copy-number variations (CNVs), and structural variations (SVs), are implemented using the WGS data. As a result, disease-causing variants are identified in most of the cases, increasing the diagnostic rate.

Get a Comprehensive Diagnosis

The most appropriate test for situations where the evaluation ofmultiple genes may clarify or refine the diagnosis

30X Whole Genome Sequencing Test - Dante Labs
  • Comprehensive Analysis

    Comprehensive analysis of variations, including simple nucleotide variants (SNVs), copy-number variations (CNVs), and structural variations (SVs)

  • Disease-Causing Variants

    Whole Genome Sequencing is a powerful tool for the diagnosis of Epilepsy, and its diagnostic clarity at molecular levels offers
    important benefits

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Our Genetic Counselors take advantage of innovative software that autonomously diagnoses rare diseases from NGS data using Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

  • Our Test

    Mean coverage equals to 30X;
    95% bases with coverage greater than or equal to 10X;
    Specificity = 99.99%; 
    Sensitivity = 99.80%; 
    Precision = 99.70%.

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New variants

Several recent studies have shown that new onset variations contribute to the genetics of epilepsy by contributing to the understanding of the complicated phenotypic spectrum

New drug targets

Early identification of genetically validated drug targets can increase the chances of successful late-stage drug development.


Daily developments in pharmacogenetics lead to an improvement in the choice, efficacy and safety of treatments for epilepsy