What is Genome Sequencing

Whole Genome Sequencing is a test that’s used to identify genetic variations within your DNA. The purpose of genome sequencing is to get vital medical information to ensure you can best take care of yourself.

The whole genome sequencing

The process utilises a new and advanced technology that allows us to read a complete set of your DNA (or genome) at a single time. The genome is your body’s instruction manual - around 99% of the genome is the same in all human beings. There are around 3 million genetic variations in the 1% difference, and this is what makes you who you are. We analyse these variations using a Whole Genome Sequencing test to reveal your unique genetic makeup. 

Using our test, we offer a comprehensive report that provides a deep dive into your biological characteristics. Here we give invaluable information about your diet, metabolism, health conditions, food intolerance and allergies, sleeping patterns, body morphology and even your personality.

The Whole Genome Sequencing Report allows you to make proactive and meaningful changes to your life with actionable insights. From creating an exercise plan to choosing the most effective medicines for your body. With genome sequencing, Dante Labs can help you live a life that’s healthier, happier and more informed.

The process

Using a simple saliva sample, we can collect the 100% of your DNA and analyze the genetic sequence in our lab.  The sequence is divided into several parts, amplified, grouped in clusters and then sequenced. This sequencing process reveals the order of nucleotides that make up the original DNA sample. We then compare the genome with a generic and globally recognized reference DNA sequence.

Our Technology

At Dante Labs, we use Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies. NGS is a series of technologies that allows large genome sequencing in a short period of time. It is used to identify the order of nucleotides in your genome, or targeted regions of RNA or DNA. These technologies have achieved several critical goals in the field of genetic research – such as workflow optimization, result customization, data analysis, and interpretation with an ultra-high throughput, scalability, and speed.

Next Generation Sequencing is supported by Precision Medicine, a revolutionary approach for disease treatment and prevention that analyses the variability of genes to prevent, diagnose, or treat disease. Researchers and doctors are now able to predict more precise treatments and strategies to cure specific health issues, reducing the treatment time.

Our Reports

Our Whole Genome Sequencing Test includes five comprehensive reports and customization options

  • Health Risks and Predispositions

    The Health and Predisposition report outlines the potential risk of developing medical conditions or rare diseases. The advanced, Health and Predisposition +50 Report will also be available soon.

  • Wellness and Longevity

    The Wellness Report clarifies which healthy habits are best suited to a certain genetic makeup, so as to increase the chances of living the healthier and longer life without unnecessary sacrifices.

  • Nutrigenomics

    The Nutrigenomics Report reveals the relationship between foods and your genes. This can be used to create the most effective diet, while respecting your individual predispositions.

  • Scientific Fitness

    The Fitness Report underlines any genetic predispositions to lifestyle aspects related to fitness and sports activity. This can be used to obtain the best fitness performance.

  • Raw Data

    Download raw data of your 30X Whole Genome Sequencing, incuding FASTQ, BAM and VCF files

  • Additional Reports

    Order additional reports, produced on demand, so that you can inquire about your genome without having to resend your sample.

    Sequence your genome once and leverage it for the rest of your life.