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Periodic Paralysis Panel

Periodic Paralysis Panel

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Periodic Paralysis is a rare genetic disorder. It causes sudden attacks of short-term muscle weakness, stiffness, or paralysis.

The Periodic Paralysis panel is based on Whole Genome Sequencing Test. As such, it analyses all Common and Rare Variants associated with Periodic Paralysis. Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis (HypoPP) is one of the periodic paralysis conditions; autosomal dominant genetic disorders caused by mutations in the sodium, potassium, and calcium channel genes in the skeletal muscle. In general, HypoPP is characterised by reversible attacks of muscle weakness coupled with decreased blood potassium concentrations.

Along with environmental factors, Genetics plays a key role in the regulation of Periodic Paralysis.

  • 98 genes analyzed
  • 100% genomic regions covered
  • Intragenic and intergenic regions analyzed
  • All variants paneled
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