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Dante Non Invasive Prenatal Test

Dante Non Invasive Prenatal Test

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The Dante Labs Non-Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT) is a reliable and safe genome analysis for expectant mothers to test for chromosomal abnormalities in their babies. This is a blood test that analyses the baby’s DNA, which circulates in the mother’s blood, using Next Generation Sequencing technology to detect and sequence the baby's circulating DNA.

  • Our non-invasive testing method uses a small blood sample to make an accurate diagnosis of chromosomal conditions in your baby’s DNA.
  • The test involves 4 different kinds of comprehensive analyses that tests for genetic variations in your baby’s DNA.
  • Test for conditions such as Down Syndrome, Edward Syndrome and Turner Syndrome.
  • Understand your baby’s potential health conditions and plan in advance for any required care.
  • Access a comprehensive report that breaks down your baby’s chromosomal data.
  • Free worldwide shipping.
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    • Painless Sampling

      Contains an innovative blood collection kit. The sample must be carried out by a nurse, which you can request at your local medical practice.

    • Fast Activation

      Book the collection of your blood sample in a facility enabled for the service. You can find a list of providers here.

    • Digital Results

      You’ll receive your results in a few weeks, available as a report within our digital portal. The results are easy to read and share with your doctor.

    • Aneuploidie

      An aneuploidy analysis tests for an imbalance of chromosomes. This may refer to one or more missing or extra chromosomes, beyond the typical amount of 23. Using this information, we can determine the following conditions:

      Down syndrome
      Occurs when an individual has 23 chromosomes

      Edward syndrome
      Occurs when an individual has 18 chromosomes

      Patau syndrome
      Occurs when an individual 13 chromosomes

      Sensitivity: 99.9%
      Specificity: 99.9%

    • X / Y Chromosome and fetal sex determination

      This test analyzes the child's gender and any X / Y sex chromosome abnormalities. This allows us to diagnose the following conditions:
      X trisomy
      Turner syndrome
      X / Y chromosome (XXX, XYY, XXY or X0)
      Fetal Sex Classification Agreement

      Accuracy 99%
      Sensitivity: 95.5%
      Specificity: 93.3%

    • Analysis of Duplications or Deletions

      The analysis of duplications or deletions looks for sections of the DNA that are missing or duplicated. This can disrupt how the DNA works - though not all duplications or deletions cause diseases.

      This test can identify the following conditions:
      Cri du chat Syndrome
      Deletion Syndrome
      Deletion Syndrome
      Willi/Angelman Syndrome
      Jacobsen Syndrome
      DiGeorge Syndrome
      Deletion/Duplication Syndrome
      Van der Woude Syndrome

      Sensitivity: 74.1%
      Specificity: 99.8%

    • Chromosome Analysis

      A Chromosome Analysis checks in detail the number and structure of all 23 pairs of chromosomes present in the baby’s DNA.

      Sensitivity: 96.4%
      Specificity: 99.8%

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