Health and wellbeing

Discover how our lifestyle impacts our health and wellbeing

Health and wellbeing

Every human body is unique and responds to the world around us in its own individual way. That includes our food, the way we exercise and how much we sleep. Our DNA plays a vital role in this. Think of it as little biological cheat sheets. It helps us to understand how our lifestyle impacts our health and wellbeing.

Dante Labs’ Whole Genome Sequencing Test analyses 100% of your DNA to understand how it may impact your health and wellbeing. Using genome sequencing, we can help you to discover a complete set of insights about your genetic makeup. You’ll learn how at risk you may be from vitamin deficiencies, what food groups you may be sensitive to, what allergies you may have, how likely you are to need additional hours of sleep, how to best manage weight loss and weight gain and much more.

All we need is a simple saliva sample to reveal a world of information about your body and biology. We’ll then send you off on your way to create a health and wellbeing plan that’s perfectly suited to you.

Discover your diet, allergies, metabolism and fitness requirements. To help you lead a healthier and happier life.

With the Dante Labs Whole Genome Test, you can discover the way your body responds to different medication, and whether you may have an unknown allergies.

To stay in control of your health and wellbeing for years to come.

Our Data

Diet - food groups, minerals, food allergies and metabolic response

Understand how your body processes food groups, nutrients and minerals, such as:

● Caffeine metabolism

● Response to mediterranean diet

● Glycine levels


Learn about your body’s metabolism and the likelihood of food allergies, for example:

● Predisposition to a fatty food addiction

● Response to a high-carbohydrate diet

● Predisposition to developing milk allergy

Fitness – Metabolic response, training recommendations, weight management strategies

Understand your muscles, bones and metabolism, for example

● Joint mobility 

● Calcium levels

● Metabolism of Omega 3


Learn about your how your body response to exercise, for example: 

● Body energy at rest

● Recovery time

● Agility and equilibrium


Discover what fitness regime works best for you and weight management strategies, such as:

● Predisposition for intense sport 

● Strength work out response

● Difficulty in losing weight

General wellbeing – Aging, personality type and sleep quality

Learn about your reaction to aging and stress, for example:

● Skin aging

● Menstruation timing

● Gait speed & mobility


Discover different aspects of your personality, for example:

● Extraversion

● Optimism

● Response to anger 


Understand your relationship with sleep, for example:

● Required sleep duration

● Ease of getting up in the morning

● Daytime sleepiness

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