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Dante Labs is a global leader in genome sequencing testing for real people. The impact on human lives of genetic tools can be crucial, which is why Dante Labs wants to democratize genetic information, breaking the rules of a very expensive and long-standing sector, which prevents people from taking care of their health.

Genomics for Prevention

Your Genome is the toolkit for your body. The Dante Genome Tests gives actionable advice and tailored prevention plans

  • Performance one third over the industry

    The amount of data produced by sequencing a biosample is measured in Yield. It is the most reliable measure for genomic analysis and the industry average in terms of Gigabases (Gb) is around 2400-3000 Gb.

    Thanks to years of experience and optimizations, Dante Labs performs a Yield average of 3900-4010 Gb, one third better than the rest of the industry.

  • Efficiency

    The percentage of Passing Filter (% PF) is an index that expresses the purity of the signal, depending on the quality of one phases of the sequencing workflow, the cluster creation phase.

    The 83% achieved by Dante Labs technology on each run performed, proving also in this case the industry top performance.

  • Quality

    The Quality Scores for Next-Generation Sequencing is measured in QC30, a value that reach an industry average of 75%.

    Dante Labs NGS technologies have an average performance one-fifth higher than the rest of the industry, with a 90% QC30 and related accuracy results for each step of the sequencing process.


While Dante Health works to offer people the most complete, affordable, and accurate DNA analysis possible, Dante Labs is committed to developing a platform that uses all available experience and data, to push the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry on a cutting-edge level, to offer people all the advantages of the Precision Medicine.

Immensa is the platform developed by Dante Labs, provided with a proprietary technology and algorithm, made to overcoming the limits of both sides: the risk and time-related ones that the pharmaceutical industry suffers from; and the economic ones and linked to the degree of urgency perceived by individuals.

  • Andrea Riposati

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Mattia Capulli, PhD

    Chief Scientific Officer

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