Family Planning

Understand the health of your baby and gain full oversight into your family's future.

Family Planning

Planning the future of your family can be one of the most exciting times of your life. But for some parents, it can also provoke anxiety. Will my child be healthy and happy? How can I protect my family and my child’s future? And how can we make sure we’re best prepared for the birth? Genetic testing can provide the answer to all these questions, to provide stability and comfort for your growing family. 

Our Non-Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT) analyzes a small sample of your blood to check for genetic variations in your baby. You’ll gain a full breakdown of the results from 4 different types of analysis, testing for a number of conditions. We can determine whether your baby may have a chromosomal condition such Down Syndrome, Edward Syndrome or Patau Syndrome. We can determine any abnormalities in the sex chromosome and duplications in the DNA. You can also learn about XY chromosomal disorders, alongside the gender of your baby if you so wish. 

Understand the health of your baby and gain full oversight into your family's future. To give you peace of mind, and ensure you remain in control of the health of your baby.

Aneuploidy Analysis

This tests for an imbalance of chromosomes beyond the typical amount of 23. This tests for the following conditions:

● Down syndrome

● Edward syndrome 

● Patau syndrome

Chromosome Analysis

This checks in detail the number and structure of all 23 pairs of chromosomes present in the baby’s DNA.

Analysis of Duplications or Deletions

This looks for sections of the DNA that are missing or duplicated. Testing for the following conditions:

● Cri du Chat Syndrome 

● Deletion Syndrome

● Deletion Syndrome 

● Willi/Angelman Syndrome 

● Jacobsen Syndrome

● DiGeorge Syndrome

● Deletion/Duplication Syndrome

● Van der Woude Syndrome

X/Y Cromosome and Fetal sex determination

This analyzes the child's gender and any X / Y sex chromosome abnormalities. This tests for:

● X trisomy

● Jacobs

● Klinefelter

● Turner syndrome

● X / Y chromosome (XXX, XYY, XXY or X0)

● Fetal Sex Classification Agreement

With the Dante Labs Whole Genome Test, you can discover the way your body responds to different medication, and whether you may have an unknown allergies.

To stay in control of your health and wellbeing for years to come.

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