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Angela’s story

Angela was a 4-year-old child when, suddenly, started to present seizures and, gradually, other associated neurological conditions.

She visited many doctors and took multiple drugs. Unfortunately, with limited effects. Not knowing what to do about her daughter, Emma, Angela’s mother, decided to opt for Dante Labs “My Full DNA” Analysis. A saliva sample was taken and shipped out to Dante Labs, then the entire genome analysis was performed and. After 12 weeks,  she received a report via email where a bunch of genetic variants were listed and scientifically explained. The report was about “Epilepsy and seizures associated with neurological conditions”, surveying 128 genes. Angela’s mother decided to go to a geneticist to get an opinion. He found the Dante Labs report very informative with comprehensive actionable information and ended up with a final diagnosis. Angela was affected by a specific form of epilepsy called GLUT-1 deficiency, where an insufficient level of glucose reaches the brain. The diagnosis was life-changing. Angela started a specific diet - ketogenic diet - and tailed down her anticonvulsant medicines. Today Angela is living a better life.