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Dante Labs - Global Employee Health and Fitness Month

Global Employee Health and Fitness Month

Global Employee Health and Fitness Month

May is the Global Employee Health and Fitness Month, an initiative that puts health and wellness in the workplace first. How does Dante Labs help?

People are often forced to adopt the same postural attitude during working hours without thinking about the repercussions on their physical well-being.
Each one of us, in order to avoid pathologies related for example to maintain the sitting position in front of the PC for several hours, should do daily physical exercises to keep moving or reflect on our posture to correct it.

People more prone to back pain, arthritis, vision problems, musculoskeletal problems, or people with a high predisposition to obesity, would need to rediscover physical exercises alternating with work.

These are the subjects that Dante Labs thought of when he created his Fitness Report, aimed not only at those who aspire to a perfect body but also at those who, having little time available, want to optimize their way of eating and training, rediscovering in the fitness report their ego.

Dante Labs’ Scientific Fitness report

The complete genome analysis for your goals: it is a smart and effective solution for your nutrition, diet, training and fitness.

Your DNA is the only real source of valuable information to support you in achieving your goals.

Thanks to our test you can reach your fitness weight faster with personalized advice based on the complete analysis of your genome.

What's more, you can identify the perfect training based on your DNA, taking full advantage of your genome to improve yourself.


  • Diet and nutrition:
    Find out everything your DNA can reveal about your diet, metabolism, food intolerances and allergies! Start making informed choices for your health
  • Training:
    useful insights for you to choose the right exercises, optimize your training, concentrate your efforts. All based on real science.
  • Well-being:
    know more than 70 conditions and get useful information to guide your personalized prevention
  • Complete genomic data:
    access your complete genomic data, learn more as science progresses. This is the best investment of a lifetime: Sequence once, get tools you can use for life!

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