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What is the Whole Genome and why is it so important?

The Dante Whole Genome test leverages 30X whole genome sequencing technology. Learn why the genome is so important.

Learn more about the genome
  • Wellness Report

    The Wellness Report is a tailored guide to improve your life and wellness, starting with one habit at the time - based on the most advanced genomic science.

  • Health and Predispositions

    Health and Predispositions: Learn more about your risk to develop +50 diseases and conditions. Start taking a proactive approach to your health with our actionable insights.

  • Nutrigenomics Report

    The Dante Nutrigenomics report advises you on what nutrients, vitamins and foods to avoid or seek, based on your genome. Truly personalized diet.

  • Scientific Fitness Report

    Developed by sports and genomic experts, the Dante Scientific Fitness Report is a guide for personalized training and sport choices.

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    Follow the instructions, register your kit and shipit back to our lab (free shipping)

  • Receive results

    Access your reports and genomic insights on our secure portal

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Whole Genome and response to medications: new study

How an enhanced whole genome sequencing test helped identify genetic markers predicting piromelatine treatment response in patients with mild Alzheimer's disease.

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